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Observatori de l'Ebre

On Sunday, November 10, within the framework of the Science Week, we organized the traditional Open Day of the Ebro Observatory, with a conference and a free guided tour.
11:00 Conference
Title: "The ionosphere: a tool and, at the same time, an obstacle for radio-telecommunications".
Speakers: David Altadill, Estefania Blanch and Antoni Segarra (Ebro Observatory, URL-CSIC).
Summary: Important phenomena of terrestrial and extraterrestrial origin, such as the auroras, are manifested in the Earth's ionosphere. This layer also affects the propagation of radio waves, so it is, at the same time, a tool for terrestrial radio communications, and an obstacle to communications between Earth and space. The ionosphere is not a quiet medium, it manifests a series of disturbances that modify its behavior affecting radio communications. The Ebro Observatory investigates these disturbances and works on systems to detect them and mitigate their effects on radio communication systems.
12:00 Guided tour
After the conference, there will be a guided tour of the center's facilities. The circuit of the visit will include the astronomical, meteorological and seismic pavilions, as well as the library.


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K-index of geomagnetic activity calculated from our data. (Unrevised automatic process)

Variation of the compass in Roquetes

The compass is oriented according to the magnetic north, not the true one. The magnetic north varies with time. Over the past centuries, in Roquetes, compasses were deviated westward. But this has changed and now they are deviated eastward More information.

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23/02/2024 07:25
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Information from the automatic station of AEMET located at Ebro Observatory. These data are provisional and subject to revision.

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