Roquetes, Sunday, 15 September 2013. At October 2009, the Ebro Observatory designed a network of seismic sensors to monitor the seismicity in the vicinity of gas geological storage CASTOR and was mandated to watch the possible seismicity induced by injection of gas in the CASTOR storehouseas has happened in other industrial activities of this kind during periods of injection. The network of the Observatory is detecting a higher frequency of micro-earthquakes in the vicinity of underground storehouse CASTOR since September 5. These are low-magnitude microearthquakes and are associated with gas injection, which is scheduled to end on the 15th. The natural seismicity of the area has produced earthquakes of similar magnitude or even higher, as the earthquake that occurred in April 8, 2012 which reached a magnitude 3,4. None of the recently recorded micro-earthquakes has surpassed this magnitude. The largest magnitude recorded recently which occurred on September 12, reached a magnitude 2,7. These micro-earthquakes are not perceptible by the population.
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