This proposal aims to take a new step toward the full automation of the Geophysical Observatory established by the participants at the Spanish Antarctic Base Juan Carlos I, both for the geomagnetic and the ionospheric measurements. As regards the former, it is aimed to ensure a continuous, precise and automatic recording of the elements of the magnetic field, through automating the record of absolute measurements on the one hand, and increasing the signal to noise ratio of the variometer recording, on other hand. This will enable the inclusion of the observatory in the INTERMAGNET network. As regards ionospheric measurements, accurate autoscaling of ionograms will be provided. Since the geomagnetic and ionospheric variations are closely linked, as they come from the same electromagnetic environment, by systematically providing both types of observations, we will make possible to improve the detection of certain geomagnetic variations (like the magnetic effects of solar flares) and to estimate and predict ionospheric characteristics for both quiet and disturbed conditions, which are key issues in a remote region, due to the inadequate modeling and the lack of predictions for radio operators. In addition, the geomagnetic and ionospheric data obtained in a near-polar region is of great scientific interest, since these regions record some of the main effects of the relationship between the solar wind and the magnetosphere and ionosphere. Therefore, in addition to the automation of records, this proposal aims to provide added value to the acquired data, both from the point of view of generation of knowledge, as for their technological applications.