The project proposes to set up a system able to monitor the wave activity in the ionosphere using advance modelling techniques  to analyse the waves characteristics, understand their origin, predict their effects in different regions of the globe and assess their effects in operational systems. The system will be based on a number of powerful monitoring instruments that are currently operated in Europe (Ionospheric sounders DPS4D) of high accuracy in frequency and height resolution, enabling to analyze the signals reflected from the ionosphere to the ground and assess the structure of the overhead ionosphere plasma and reconstruct the characteristics of the waves that altered the ionosphere. The project will work with end-users to prepare the specifications for a warning system and assess its pilot operation aiming at informing the user whether we have a wave-like activity in the ionosphere, which geographic locations will be affected, what is the magnitude and what is the origin of this disturbance. The proposed technique is also able to distinguish the natural from the artificial origin of these travelling disturbances and warn the users accordingly. More info.