EPOS is a long-term plan for the integration of national and transnational Research Infrastructures for solid Earth science in Europe to provide seamless access to data, services and facilities. By improving access to data and data products, together with tools for their use in analysis and modeling, EPOS will transform the European research landscape, driving discovery and developing solutions to the geo-hazards and geo-resources challenges facing European society. Complex interconnected physical and chemical processes control earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, and floods, and drive tectonics and Earth surface dynamics. Unravelling them requires accessible harmonized data and new tools to foster innovative cross-disciplinary research. The construction and operation of the EPOS infrastructure will allow the interaction with scientific users, governmental organizations, Industry, other data and service providers and the general public through the novel e-infrastructure. The Ebro Observatory will participate in the project by integrating the event lists of Sudden Storm Commencements (SSC) and Solar Flare Effects (SFE) -produced by the International Service of Rapid Magnetic Variations- in the new interface for external consultation. We will also provide metadata in standardized format and will prospect to produce preliminary data in quasi-real time from an automatic detection.

For more information you may proceed to the main EPOS website or to the Spanish EPOS website.